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Tacos are AMAZING.

First, learn how and where to find the best tortillas in your city. (We’ll cover that later for the New Yorkers and New Orleans-ers.) Second, think to yourself, “Gee, I want a delicious meal rolled up in those fresh and tasty tortillas that I just procured.” And then BOOM! the real fun part: come up with any of a million possible combinations to satisfy you and your special eating buddies.

I recently read in Bon Appetit, a quote by David Chang: “I don’t care about authenticity. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I just want to make something delicious.” Although Chang was talking about Korean food, the same can be said of tacos. It’s a dish that dates back to the time of the Aztecs who rolled up corn tortillas and filled them with small fish and I’m sure there are those taco aficionados that will only consume the world’s most authentic Al Pastor, but really, you can fill a taco with anything. They’re traditionally only found on street carts in Mexico in the morning or the evening, but in most cities these days, you can grab one for lunch off of your hippest local food truck. And don’t get us wrong, we’re not knockin’ tradition, but with the options you’ve got at your slimy little fingertips, why would you ever deny, say, the Kimchi Tacos at New York’s very own Kimchi Taco Truck. The bottom line is, you’d be crazy to. You just have to run up to Taco Mix for their super-authentic-mouth-watering-omg Al Pastor later in week.

But the REAL concern when creating (or choosing to consume) a taco is balance. Crispy pungent onions on top of a mound of rich, deeply flavored beef. Sweet juicy mango and crunchy pickled radish with delicate blackened shrimp. Mmmmmm. Now, I’m hungry. By following a couple of loose guidelines when addressing the overall profile of said taco perfecto, the content combos can be super fun to play around with and share with fellow taco admirers.

The next couple of weeks, A Love of Good is gonna be lovin on some tacos, so we thought we’d hook you up with our personal guide to how we pick and choose our favie rolled up yummies. Buen provecho!

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DIGEST: Al Pastor

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