GOODS: Cire Trudon Candles

Yes, I know, we have been basically absent from our wonderful little blog all week and the only thing we have posted about is candles. However, these are truly special. The other day I had a rare moment of needing to kill some time and stumbled into a local store here in New Orleans, Pied Nu. It is a magical store that attacks every sense we humans have. You simply must smell and touch everything while you stand in the middle of the shop turning in circles, afraid you might miss something. The above display reveals itself upon first step into Pied Nu. Maybe I have been living in the dark, but I had never heard of Cire Trudon candles. When I was describing them to Christie, I believe I said, ” I started salivating just looking at them and then when I started reading about the fragrances and smelling then, they were so unique, and seemed like they had been around for like 400 years!” Which makes sense, because they have been making these babies since 1643.


Cire Trudon has reinvented themselves as of late, but were a favorite of such famous French historical figures like Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. In fact, many of their scents were created just for them or to mimic the smells of certain time periods, like one of my favorites scents, Empire, as described below.

Pine, sage and hay are vibrating in the air of this Napoleonian camp with hints of cades and maquis. The joyful and indulging warmth of thyme, marjoram and rosemary ring like a fife. A moment of peace right after a battle between dog and wolf. An imperial tent exhaling the perfect scent crowned by the strength of laurel.

Another favorite is Mademoiselle De La Valliere.

Secret powers of a naked flower for the love of Louis the XIV, Mademoiselle de La Vallière enveloped herself in the sweet and shattering intensity of tuberoses. Damp fragrance of an intoxicating love: from the King’s bedroom to her convent, Louise de la Vallière personified this deeply sensual flower, which plump and overwhelming aromas are that of true, blinding, almost spiritual love.

To top it off, the company sends an amazing display system to the stores that carry them. Each candle comes with a cloche, so the perfumes stay contained and then when you lift it up, POW! Special.

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