GOODS: John Robshaw Shower Curtains

must admit that I love just about anything John Robshaw puts his name on. I think his products will remain popular even as interiors swing back into a cleaner look because his patterns always look modern and fresh. And who can resist his colors? The problem is that I have a hard time affording anything John Robshaw puts his name on. Thank goodness for One King’s Lane! I did not know I even needed a new shower curtain until I saw this one, above left. I was on a roll updating my bath with a new toilet and shower head, which I showed you whether you wanted to see it or not, and I thought, what better way to finish off the revamp. I was itching to paint, but not anymore. I am so much happier every time I step into my bathroom. After some research, I am going to boldly state that John Robshaw makes the best shower curtains. Who makes your favorites?
And I promise to stop making you look at Iphone pictures of my bathroom from now on.

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