Holiday Villas In Goa

I always have been fascinated with the beautiful state of Goa. Although, I am yet to visit this tropical paradise, I can safely say that is a high recommended tourist destination from close have from Britain that visit there each year.

The architecture is what has really fascinated me over time. Some of these independent villas in Goa are very unique and fascinating to explore. Large so as the state has a mediterranean history that has a huge influence in architectural design and style. It was the Portuguese that ruled for over 50 years and region still is influenced by its culture.

From reclusive retreats to luxurious mansions I cover a few design inspiring villas that will give you plenty of food for thought on your next design project.

Lalita Rai, the founder of Green Bay and her family own a villa tucked nicely in the village of Siapem in north Goa. Her daughter Channele who is an architect by profession took took the lead in putting together this Goan retreat. The villa is located amidst lust greenery on the hillock that overlools that the meandering Mandovi River in the distance. The use of teak wood in the interiors, open bath layouts, a living area with a open kitchen attached to it, floors laid with natural stone, plenty of verandas to  take in the views of the beautiful surrounding and a swimming pool on stilts are some of the features of the gorgeous space. The villa showcases plenty of piece of the Green Bay collection as well that have been tastefully placed in the different spaces by the Rai women. The villas is based around a tropical theme that reflects the outdoors. The bed linen, cushions, rasais are from the Maladivipa collection which is inspired from the Sanskrit work of ‘garland of islands’ and tropical flowers. Décor pieces also include brass accessories that draw inspiration from leaves and flowers.  The idea was to match the garden outside.

Glass Villa designed by Sandeep Khosla and interiors by Varun Shah

They have been known to work together as a charm and the end result is nothing but brilliance. Talented designed Sandeep teamed up with the fabulous Varun Shah to bring this project together. The AIG Glass Villa project overlooks the beautiful backwaters of Goa. The structure of the layout is laterite that is complimented by classic handi lights that are placed at the entrance. Several combinations of natural stone are seen all across the designs. Towards the entrance of the living room, a larger than life chandelier hangs from the ceiling, which is 20 feet in height. The living room is decorated in red hues for it upholstery that compliments the laterite walls. There are a few pieces of décor such the a telescope and a round mirror that have been sourced from Kochi. The designers have brought the outdoors to amalgamate with the indoors by adding glass doors that fold back and open up the space. The glass façade also allows for interrupted views of the outdoors as well.

Villa with view of Paddy Fields

When you think of Goa houses, more than often it is the thought of bright colors that come to your mind. This project by Jess and Anand Kushwah of Zero Octa Design has a different perspective to it for both, color as well as design. The interiors have a ivory themed color scheme balanced with quirky sculptures that are strategically placed. The villa is surrounded by ample greenery that compliments the villa’s décor.  The property is spread across 28,000 square feet that also features two guest villas apart from the main residence. The lush green lawns has colourful sculptures of butterflies and flamingos. The entrance has a gazebo and the driveway is paved with granite pieces creating a subtle contrast effect that gradually draws your attention the structure.  The sculptures in the lawn are focal points that adds a visual break to the greens, a nice play space for kids as well. Entry the villa to ta sprawling 1,500 square-feet living room, your eyes draw attention to a vertical art that runs the full length of the double heighted wall.  The aesthetics are very pleasant in this space, the designers opting for beige and brown hues with a hint of blue. The bedrooms in the villas have been given an individual personality. The second floor of the villa has a open terrace that you are watch the sunset from. Undoubtedly, this villa is a perfect haven for socializing.

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