PROFILE: Christie Little

Christie is a designer of graphics and other things and she likes to make up words, which she does all the time. She lives in a fairly inexpensive part of Manhattan with her cat, Sumi, who likes to act like a dog. Christie looks forward to one day having a kitchen larger than a peanut and a loft next to her home that includes a letterpress, a garden, and a balcony.You can and should check out her graphic design work (Link Below). She’s always happy to work on new projects with interesting people.

Christie, what is in your refrigerator right now?

Actually, I just cleaned it out last night. It was a MESS, and I’ve been out of town this weekend, so the present contents consist of mass amounts of condiments and pickled items, very little fresh veg (sadly) and beer.

What did you have for dinner last night?
As you know, this week is Al Pastor taco week, so last night we ate tacos from Taco Mix. More on that this week!


Favorite modern convenience?
My absolute favorite convenience since moving to New York is delivery. I can sit in my apartment on a cold, wet night and order an amazing meal and perfectly paired wine straight to my doorstep. It’s sorta life-changing.

Daily rituals?
Filling my bialetti with coffee grounds with a small spoon that fits perfectly into the can. Swirling the water around the bottom water container and then filling it to the brim. Threading the top portion back onto the bottom portion by only spinning the top around with my left hand and not moving my right hand. Placing the bialetti onto the stove and lighting the flame to the perfect height. Cleaning the glasses in the sink until the I hear the slight boiling/spitting sound of the final espresso drops into the top of the bialetti. And then pouring the espresso into my favorite brown “new york” coffee cup.

Favorite piece of furniture in your home?
My parents first piece of furniture was this slightly hideous coat rack that I inherited when moving into my first apartment. It’s not attractive, but it’s been indispensable throughout the years and I’ve grown quite attached.

Favorite kitchen utensil?
wait, that’s not a utensil.
my knife. i still love prepping to music.

What did you dream of being as a child?
happy. so far, so good.

If I remember correctly, you made the switch into Graphic Design because of your love of typography, and more specifically the letterpress. How does this still influence your work?

More than influencing my work, it influences where I want my work to go. I’m dying to get back into working with my hands. It’s a part of me that I’ve realized has to be nourished, or else I become creatively stagnant. I’ve started enjoying illustration a lot more lately, and I think that’s because I’m finally using my hands again with illustration.

There seems to be quite a few New Yorkers in New Orleans and vice-versa. They seem to love each other. This makes perfect sense to me, but having lived in both areas, do you have any amazing thoughts on this?

I feel like it’s because of the intensity of culture in both areas. People who live in either are used to being inundated with love, hate, food, trash, music, smells, sounds… and we’ve learned we can’t be happy without access to those things… or maybe we just like cities with the word ‘new’ in them?

Are you cooking anything special for the holidays?

I haven’t planned anything yet, but I hope so! Kale is on my mind alllll the time lately, so I bet that’ll be in the cards… and I’ve also wanted to try my hand at baking pies but adding savory elements like pancetta or rosemary since I’m not a huge fan of sweets. We’ll see!




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