PROFILE: Katie Logan

Welcome to our first profile post! Katie and I come across amazingly talented and interesting individuals every time we turn around these days, and these posts are our venue for giving little shout-outs where they’re due. To start off, we are going to introduce ourselves and then we can’t wait to move on to our first guest profile in a couple weeks!

Katie Logan is a New Orleans based designer with a passion for interior design, Louisiana, and her pets. In her dream world, she spends her days drawing, cooking, redesigning friends houses, and being on a boat (any boat will do.) Hopefully, someone will start paying her to do these things so she can keep feeding Scout, her pit-bull lab and Ruby, her Chihuahua. Katie owns See Scout Sleep, a fantastic line of dog beds. See for yourself at She also currently provides interior design services to the New Orleans area and is working on providing an online package for long-distance design advice.

Katie, what is in your refrigerator right now?
And/Or what did you have for dinner last night?
I am not trying to sound super southern, but I really had red beans and rice last night. I made them. They were delicious. I have spring roll makings in the fridge.

Favorite modern convenience?
I always thought it was a toss up between plumbing and air conditioning, but I just realized that my visual aiding devices are definitely the most important to me!

Daily rituals?
I drink coffee everyday, almost. Usually first thing in the morning while I read blogs, news, and answer emails.

I prune and weed my backyard rose garden in the mornings while I let the dogs out. I bring a single bud up to my office, and put it in this tiny white ceramic cream jar bottom. I stare at it and smell it all day while I am on my computer.

Usually for lunch I stand up and eat at the kitchen counter and stare out of the window. It feels faster this way.90% of the time, I am eating hummus with pita chips or snap peas… sometimes a bagel with cream cheese and cucumber slices.

I walk my dogs in the afternoons. I must get some sort of exercise, or I start to get depressed and think I suck.

It is a rare night that I do not read myself to sleep.

Favorite piece of furniture in your home?
And/Or favorite kitchen utensil?
That’s a toughie. I guess it would be this wooden chair that was my parents. It used to be bright blue, but is mostly worn down to the wood. In a kitchen redo, I accidently dumped an entire can of lime green paint all over it. The seat is split and it cannot be used, but I could never get rid of it.

My favorite kitchen utensil would be a nice pair of tongs.


What did you dream of being as a child?
I think I still want to be a ballerina.

What made you make the switch/add product design to your repertoire?
I was looking for a way to incorporate my love for illustration and pattern design, and also, the idea of starting a small local business intrigued me. Interior Design has its moments, but can be very rigid and demanding at times. There are many rules and regulations. Dog beds… not so much. Hopefully See Scout Sleep will lead to more textile and home goods design.

Being that you’re living in New Orleans, what are a couple of your favorite places to go to expand your creativity?
City Park is my #1. There are parts that are so wild and lush. I also enjoy Cafe Degas on a lovely day, for wine and cheese. It is just pleasant and a great place to clear your mind. Others are The Ogden Musuem of Art, the Contemporary Arts Center, and Taylor Bercier, which is my favorite gallery.

What was you’re favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?
I made the Savory Bread Pudding from TARTINE BREAD. It was amazing!!!!!

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