SCENE: Ain’t no sunshine in the subway…

SCENE: Ain’t no sunshine in the subway…

but it sure is lovely the way the light reflects off the tiles! Renovations and freelancing. Together, they can run a blog dry! As Katie said, we’ve got some serious before and afters on the way. Subway tiles included.

For me, they were a

given: they made my space feel cleaner, cozier AND more sophisticated; but the more I got out there and started looking for inspiration and ideas, the more I saw subway tiles EVERYWHERE. Differing sizes, colors, grout colors and patterns. First off, I got mine for free… the favor of a friend who had extras lying around… in differing whites :). Also, my space is large for New York—spesh on my budget—but still quite a little guy so dark grout seemed too risky an option. That left me with little to decide, and I was honestly quite happy because of it. I gathered a couple of images I felt gave me the most insight into how the sizes, grout and location changed the impact and feel of the tiles.

Lots of stuff going on here with the exposed shelving, dining table so close to the kitchen and vertical wood contrasting the horizontal tiling, but the slightly darker grout works for me. I think it’s the generally white canvas with teensy pops of color all around that really makes it feel so balanced.


Ok. More to come. But I srsly have to stop looking at subway tiles on the internet, and instead scrub the ones in my bathroom.

Shout out to Design Attractor, from which I’ve obtained a couple of these images. I just found her blog and simply cannot get enough.


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